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Send us your wood to be custom stabilized. We are the original custom stabilizers for the knife industry. We custom stabilize wood, stag, ivory, horn, bone, oosic, etc. Why Stabilize? Stabilized woods have been impregnated with monomers and acrylics to produce a dimensionally stable wood. Some advantages of stabilized products are that they minimize or totally eliminate; shrinking, cracking, expanding and warping. Stabilized wood will not absorb water, impervious to oils, no raised grain when sanded and they take a very high polish.

3 Step Process

  1. On the left side of home screen you will see a disclaimer tab, print this out and sign (this only needs to be done one time and it will be kept on file for any further orders). You need to include this in your box of wood along with an invoice of its contents and your contact information; email, shipping address and any phone numbers.
  2. Please put a note in the box for us to test the moisture. We do not charge a fee for drying but I will let you know how wet they are, if at all, this just may delay turning these pieces around in our usual 3-4 weeks for clear stabilizing.
  3. Ship to the 1972 Forest Ave., Lakeside, Arizona 85929 address.


Cost is determined by outgoing weight AFTER stabilizing, for instance if you send in 3 lbs and after it is processed it weighs 6 lbs you are charged at the 6 lb rate. We will determine the cheapest and fastest shipping charges unless you have a preferred method of shipping. We will notify you when the pieces are finished and collect payment at that time.

​"New Pricing Effective December 2021"
Pricing for Clear Stabilizing
1 – 5 lbs $15.00 per lb
5 – 10 lbs $13.00 per lb
10 + lbs $11.00 per lb
Single Dye and Stabilizing:
1 – 5 lbs $18.50 per lb
5 – 10 lbs $16.50 per lb
10 + lbs $14.50 per lb
Double Dye and Stabilizing:
1 – 5 lbs $20.50 per lb
5 – 10 lbs $18.50 per lb
10 + lbs $16.50 per lb

All prices are based on the total weight after processing.  Size restrictions are what you can easily fit into a 6½” circle and no longer than 36”. 

If you have any questions please call 928-537-8877 and ask for Brad
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