The World of Art Knives Hardcover – Deluxe Edition

The World of Art Knives Hardcover – Deluxe Edition

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The art and design of handmade knives as of 2010 has reached a level where imagination, technology and artistic capabilities intermingle to produce true masterpieces. This book is a stand-alone volume devoted to the wondrous world of modern custom handcrafted knives and to all those who make that world possible. It was created to honor the gifted knifemakers as well as the knife collectors who lovingly promote this art around the world. The author has presented here a detailed, fully illustrated study, exhibiting more than 520 of some of the most sought after modern knife art creations. Many of the knives displayed here were hidden from the public eye in world-class custom knife collections throughout Europe and the USA. These private collections, now displayed here were slowly, carefully and thoughtfully accumulated over the years, each collector in his own way; following his personal love and passion for works of contemporary sharp art worthy of any major museum. The author also presents in-depth profiles of several greatly admired custom knifemakers of this era, telling their story and displaying their amazing knife art in exhibition quality, laboriously created, full color composite illustrations. This is the 7th book Dr. David Darom created about art and design in modern custom knives.